My Three Baby Steps Towards Self-forgiveness (personal poem included)

Dearest Soul Friend,

Life can be sooo good sometimes. But, some other times, you may just feel like you are counting the knockouts!

I'm so grateful that even though there is so much change going on in my life and so many things going sideways in my life, I still manage to find a healthy way out of it—a quality we all possess but don't use often.

Everything should pass with a little bit of patience and a pound of tolerance. It always does! On the other hand, I've discovered new tricks on getting by while through the storm. And as I share them with you, I hope you feel a light shine upon yourself and are able to use these tools in your own path.

During the last month, I've been dealing with the process of losing a friend while dealing with the self-guilt (that special character that doesn't let you move on!)

I gave into that new painful experience and discovered a process to self-forgiveness, while letting go and turning the experience into a nurturing one!

If you ever fall into that trap, try this three baby steps to self-forgiveness. It's perfect for when others are not willing to forgive you. Just give yourself an opportunity to march towards self-discovery and growth.

STEP 1 : Find an emotional escape

This is your outlet: let out all the pain, anger, frustration, sorrow and any other negative emotions that have been hushed up on the inside. I like to look around for my own moment of silence, a place where I can write, cry and simply feel free to express myself. This may end up happening in the middle of the night or day. It doesn't matter when or where, but it matters, so make it happen. My last writings came out as a very interesting poem, that I felt I should share with you (find it at the end of this letter!!)

STEP 2: Time out for healing

Time may help you feel better, but, even better, if you can use time to pro-actively make you better! Keep doing things that you love on a daily basis (and only those that keep you healthy!) Use your own power of healing on yourself! It's all within, you just have to wake it up! Sing, dance, chant, cook, do yoga, do some gardening, be with yourself, talk to yourself in a compassionate way (even if you look crazy doing it!). It's a moment to offer yourself the time to be loved by the one who loves you the most, your divine Self!

STEP 3: Time to forgive

When others are offended by your actions, the best you can do is talk and look for ways to amend the wrongs. But if the other party is not willing to give in, you must be able to give in to yourself. Forgiving, especially self-forgiving, is so powerful, it's a process of reclaiming your power and understanding that you did your best at that very moment. Forgiveness won't resolve the past but it will clear the way to improve your future. Forgiveness is a powerful skill, the more you do it, the better you get at it! So, get on with it!

Now is your turn. Are there any baby steps you have found useful in your own path towards self-forgiveness? 

Wishing you the best in your own path!

with love,


PS Find below my first baby step on finding self-forgiveness, with writing being my emotional escape. This happened a few weeks ago at 3:00 am when a dear friend of mine felt offended by my (in)actions and pretty much blocked me out of his life. While I was trying to communicate my grief, the wall this friend put up didn't let me amend my wrongs. So, here is the result of my frustration and pain...

A Poem to a Lost Friend

I'm sorry that I lost you, dear friend.

I'm sorry that you have chosen to run far away.

I hope happiness keeps you company wherever you stand.

I hope love keeps on walking by your side.


I feel disheartened by this moment, but I will honor the past we shared.

I feel disheartened by what we lost, but I'm willing to close this book and start anew.

Please know that, in that old book, I gave my best, with a ton of love, a spark of compassion, and a cup of selflessness 

Yet, I also sometimes swam in the waters of errors, resentment and imperfection.


I know you are not able to forgive me, but please know that I'm willing to forgive myself.

I know you are not able to love me anymore, but please know I've got my own back, and I'll love myself even more.


I deeply hope someday you come to your senses and honor this gift: our past.

I deeply hope you choose to reject your anger and remember that this friend gave all that she had and all she didn't have to help each one of us become better and do better as individuals in life.

I deeply hope you understand that I chose you as a friend because I deeply appreciate all the goodness you can show and all the goodness hidden within.


Dear lost friend: please remember that here, there, everywhere, you will always be my friend.


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My New Self-Care Secrets

"Taking good care of you means the people in your life get the best of you not what's left of you"

- Anonymous

Dearest Soul Friend,

Have you missed me? Sorry! I've been on a self-care venture. Recharging. In the last months, I've been on a roller coaster of experiences that have drained me emotionally and physically. From a big move, down to the death of my father. Those few weeks turned my life upside down. But I didn't let myself fall in the dumped-and-drained track. Instead, I used them to take my self-care rituals to the next level. This is what I did...

First, during those few days of big transitions and losses, I let myself cry and deeply experience the pain of losing my past life and my father, whose unexpected departure tore deeply into my heart.

After confronting those weeks, full of lack of motivation and pain, I turned around and started paving a new path of self-care. Thanks to the support of my family I was able to really disconnect and take charge of my life. 

I planned a retreat to a detox program runned by the Ann Wigmore Institute, at Aguada, Puerto Rico. A beautiful place right in front of the beach where they detox and recharge your body and mind with their raw living foods lifestyle program.

It has been a wonderful and challenging experience that really helped me see all the things I could do on a daily basis to continue taking care of myself (and those around me) during the months and years to come.

Here are five wonderful things I learned in this sacred place:

#1: Mother Nature's got you covered

Have you noticed how much stuff we buy that is already pre-made? Seriously! If you want to feel radiantly healthy, you might need to upscale your percentage of radiant foods in your plate, meaning eat more unprocessed and organic vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. Mother Nature knows best; we just gotta give her a chance! Once we do give her an opportunity to nurture us with her radiance and beauty, all those qualities will spark from our own pores. Give it a try at least for a week and you'll see what I mean. Check out this website: they have some free recipes to get you started. 

#2: Soak in the sun, daily!

Are you one of those lacking from Vitamin D3? Well, I know I was! Yet I made a commitment to start sitting outside and soaking in the sun more often. You know we don't always have a beach nearby but we sure always have a sun. So my new trick is having breakfast and lunch outside! Find the time, no excuses, the sun is waiting for you! Don't leave him waiting, soul-mate!

#3: Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle

Ha! I love this one. At the Institute they have a trampoline in every classroom so we can go ahead and jump lightly and wiggle our bodies during classes. It's great! It really helps to get your body moving and activates your lymphatic system. So if you've been sitting too long and your body is feeling a bit tired, listen to your body and take action! Jump lightly, walk around, or wiggle, wiggle, wiggle... move that body!

#4: Eat less cooked foods

As you may have learned from past posts, I've been a "cooked" vegetarian for a few years but even with that "healthy" diet I was still feeling drained, tired and even constipated, from time to time! Well, hello! It's because when we cook our vegetables (fruits, etc.) we are draining the life and nutrients out of it! If you really want to take good care of your body (or even help your body heal from any condition) you should at least have 50% of your plate with living foods, meaning uncooked, organic and sprouted (if they are grains and seeds.)

Not a salad fan? Well let me tell you the secret, any salad can taste amazing with a nice dressing bath, so go and prepare or get your favorite dressing (keeping it as healthy and sane as possible) and eat your salad with any meal. My favorite salad mix at the moment includes: organic baby lettuce, shredded organic carrots (or beets), sunflower sprouts (or buckwheat sprouts), alfalfa sprouts and avocado. 

#5: Own your life!

One of my favorite classes was at the end of the program it talked about visualizing yourself in the future and where would you like to be? (Really going wild with this one!). Come on, it's never too late (or early) to start embracing who you would dream or like to become. Own your life, declare your life, visualize it and become who you would like to be today.

Me? At the moment, I want to feel healthier and grateful with all that has been going on in my life so this is my morning declaration: "I am radiant health. I am a grateful being, thankful for this moment, this life and whatever it may bring."

Now your turn! Share with me one self-care action you’ll take this week in the comments below.

If you have any self-care rituals of your own that you would like to add to this list, please share them with me and our soulful friends on the comments area.

with love, Rita

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Caught Between Self-Love & Self-Guilt

Dear Wise Friend:

Let's start by saying, I'm the accurate definition of a human: full of imperfections. The other day I graduated from this one!

Here is my story, in a snapshot: the other day, I was having a heated conversation with this person (I'm gonna call Daniel for the sake of this story). I was rude to Daniel from the get-go. I was letting him know how unhappy I was about a situation I was going through with a very dear friend and that I was very disappointed with the fact that he was supporting my friend's negative attitude. Well Daniel, wasn't notified about the whole situation before and felt I was rude on the way I was communicating this to him for the first time. At the end, he just decided to through me out the wagon by letting me know that it wasn't his problem, and that he was not getting involved! ...Ouch!

Who was right? Who knows? In the end, that's not the point! The point is what do I do with this pain? Go with self-guilt, or self-love?

Sometimes in life we do things that we may regret later on, and we go with the self-guilt. We start reprimanding ourselves for our past actions: "What did I do?" "I should have said it this way!",  "I could have done it better." It could even get down to "I'm worthless." Ok, you've got the idea! Been there! Done that! And let me tell you: it doesn't work.

There's this great lesson I learned years ago during my Jivamukti Yoga Training. Sharon Gannon (my mentor), said: "Forget about how you did it. Forgive yourself! You did the best that you knew how to do at that very moment." I thought to myself: "Damn! I think I've been too harsh with myself in the last few years." I wasn't letting myself grow from the experience!

And you know what, the other day I noticed I haven't changed my ways of self-punishment and guilt that much. I guess it has become a bad habit, 'cause I'm still going strong with that self-lashing. When I noticed this, I sat with myself and cried for a loooong time. I cried asking the Lord for self-compassion, forgiveness and self-love. Somehow, it started to pour in...

Life is designed to bring us into situations we would have never wished for ourselves, but they happen because they have a lesson within. I tend to tell myself: "Oh! Why did I let myself get into this situation." Well, 'cause even if we think we can control everything in our lives, not everything is under our control. And again, the only way we can purify the heart is by burning the hell out of our past karma (actions). So again, it's not that we let it happen, it's that it happens because it needs to! 

When we start with our self-guilt routine, we may just need to sit with ourselves and welcome the idea of forgiving ourselves for any rudeness. We need to remind ourselves that this situation has been courtesy of a past karma. (Thanks, Mr. Karma!)

In the end, we don't control situations and life as much as we think we do. There is a Supreme Controller who is moving the pieces, and we just have to let him/her do what needs to be done for the sake of our own purification process. Plus: we sure are burning some bad stuff along with it or, at least that's how it feels!

Let yourself be human! And remember: Let go! Let God!

with love,


To My Dear Daughter...

SPECIAL EDITION: This is a love letter I wrote to my daughter for her 1st birthday... (yes, you can peek in!)

Dear Lila,

I just realized that you came into my life 365 days ago! That day, you busted open the doors of my heart and I discovered a new love experience; one that is hard to put into words.

Thank you for that! And thank you for choosing me as your mother. Thank you for making me realize that I still have a lot to learn about the world and about myself. You've become the youngest and most empowering teacher I've ever met.  

We've had a fun and challenging year, my little one! A year filled with loving-happy moments, a bunch of misunderstandings, and a million "I'm sorries." And yet here we are, with a lifetime of experiences still to come!

In the past year I've learned a few things from you:

That love is born from the selfless expression of serving. It cannot be earned by abusing it, yet it must be nurtured and cared for in each moment.

That the biggest expression of love is when we stand strong, breathe deeply, and dress up with tolerance when life gets rough.

That a long hug heals far better than words.

That it's ok to cry or laugh for no good reason; just because!

That I'm a much better mother (and person) than I ever expected. And yet there is still so much more space for me to grow and learn from.

That forgiveness is not a luxury; it's essentially what lets us surrender to love. (May we always surrender to our unconditional love and never stop forgiving each other for being imperfect.)

My commitment to you, is that instead of controlling with fear, I'll guide you with love. Instead of imposing my opinion, I'll empower yours, and let you discover that the quality of your choices will define the quality of your life.

You are priceless my dear one! May you grow to find what you came looking for in this world. May the Supreme Lord bless you with devotional service and eternal knowledge. May pure love find you wherever you are!

Happy 1st. Birthday darling!

with love,

These 3 Guys Keep Knocking Me Off Balance!

Today is one of those rainy days where you just want to cozy up on your couch and enjoy a really delightful hot chocolate. But here I am, with a spiritual practice, a child and a job to take care of. Let’s face it! I’ve got this three gunas knocking me off balance all the time! Have you met them? If not, I’m gonna take the opportunity to introduce them to you...

The gunas: modes of nature expressed in our daily lives (thoughts, words, relationships, actions, food, nature and yes! even the weather.) Somehow, getting to know them helps to cope with their influence a bit better. So, here it is, a formal presentation...

Meet Mr. Tama-Guna - He is the mode of ignorance, of mad-mad-madness, illusion, inertia and darkness (scary guy!). You can find him in the night, on a rainy day, on a lazy or crazy person, and even in dead food like meat (yuk!).

Meet Mr. Raja-Guna - He is the mode of passion, attachment, uncontrollable desire and hankering. You can find him in the afternoon, on a sunny-hot day, in a very sexual and highly-active person, or even in spicy food and onions!

Meet Mr. Sattva-Guna - He is the mode of goodness. Filled with calmness, humility, light and knowledge. You can find him on a beautiful sunrise, in a humble and tolerant human being, on live organic foods like green salads, wheat grass and nuts.

But wait...There is one more!

The goal of those leading a spiritual devotional practice is to fall into the lap of Mr. Viśuddha-Sattva, the mode of purified goodness, and the full maturity of Mr. Sattva-Guna! Is that place where there is no trace of the other qualities. In that place where pure knowledge and devotion are manifested! 

To be able to make it to Mr. Viśuddha-Sattva's village, the spiritual scriptures lay out a map whose intention is based on offering every thought, word or deed to the Supreme Lord. 

To accomplish this, devotees establish themselves in a spiritual practice that strengthens that intention, like waking up early (the sattvic hour) to chant and read the spiritual scriptures. They aim to surround themselves by sattvic (good) company during the day to feed that sattvic mentality. They prepare and eat sattvic meals by offering their food to the Supreme before consuming them (known as prasad). 

Would you like to make this YOUR lifestyle? This is where you can begin...

Start to observe…

Observe your intention behind every word, every thought and every deed. Start to move slower, eat slower, find ways to just pull yourself out of a messy and fast moving situation, and simply breathe deeply and sloooow down. When we are able to do this, then we can be conscious and clear out our intention: to OFFER EACH thought, word and action to the Lord.

That might be the most important spiritual practice you can establish within this lifetime: "Offer everything you do with love and devotion to the Supreme Lord."

You got this! 

With love, Rita

My Wake-Up Call! (wise lesson learned from my last hospital visit)

The other day I met a dear student and friend who has been recently struck by cancer. Her family's life has been impacted as well. As I went to visit her at the hospital, I noticed how she was thin and weak, yet still with a peaceful and loving attitude. Her husband was also there, and he's also a student and friend, an amazing man just standing strong by her dearly beloved wife. What a beautiful thing to see, being present right there and then (no matter how hard it could be). I could see how they were just enjoying each other’s company, even when there wasn’t a lot to do but just live in the moment.

As my visit came to an end, she spoke to me softly in her gentle manner and said: “Thank you for all your teachings. It is at this very moment in life that I’ve been able to really use them and internalize all that you taught me.” (Pause)

… And then, just when I thought all my efforts had gone to waste, this woman in a hospital bed with barely any strength to move or talk just proved me wrong!

Designing, signing, dancing and yoga are a few of my many passions. Yet my greatest passion is passing a meaningful and deep-rooted teaching I’ve come to learn and understand directly to YOU.

And yet, I’m not sure if you are reading every post. I don't know if you get anything out of my writing and inspirations. Yet, I still do it because hopefully my words (some day) will be exactly what a person like you might need at a certain moment in life.

This life is “pasajera”, meaning this body is not eternal (although that doesn’t apply for the soul), but I still teach cause I was given the ability to do it. And if God gives you a talent you might as well use it for the benefit of others.

This is my service, teaching. Getting out of my own way (and problems), and just delivering a new life lesson to whomever would like to catch it and put it in good use (like my dear friend from the story).

Hope you are reading this. And I hope my words are inspiring you in some way to find your truth and purpose.

If my words are knocking on the right places, please feel free to share your experience or comments below.

See you on the path!

with love,  Rita

Time To Create Space For The New (plus 3 easy steps to get you started!)

Dearest Soulful Friend,

I’m back and I’m so glad to see you here!

Let’s start by saying, sorry! Sorry for abandoning you in the last few month, there has been a lot going on, moving from New Jersey to Florida (near Gainsville area), raising full-time our dear daughter Lila, who keeps on our toes with all the learning, crawling and growing. And most certainly, feeling burned out and filled with a lack of inspiration. But no more excuses! 

Here I am again, committed to you. One of my resolutions this new year is creating space to inspire you and myself in the process no matter what. So let’s get on it!

In the last few days, I’ve been cleaning up my old closet at Puerto Rico. And holy molly! Have I been impressed with all the lovely cute-black-dresses and business-tighty-pans I’ve been holding on to and barely wore in the past. 

Seriously, how can we go on spending for more when we don’t even know what we have in our own closet? How do we know we’ve got enough? Mmmm…got it! Let’s clean up and create space.

I’m half way done, and I swear I feel I lost a few pounds and gave myself a mind-cleanse. I confess, I don’t need anymore than what I already have. So, I've decided to go shop-fasting for the next few months. (Holy Krishna! no shopping? mmmm…sounds sad, but why?)

Here’s why!...

We are feeding an empty glass with air! That’s why! Trying to fulfill our spirit (the glass) with material possessions (the air) won’t ever make us feel like we have enough, that we have all that we need.

Repeat after me: I AM ENOUGH. I HAVE ALL THAT I NEED (your turn!)

Sure you have a to work hard to get a bunch of things that you need - like food, shelter and water - yet all the extras that you buy or own won’t change how you feel about yourself. Let’s make this clear, I’m not saying you should sit around and not do anything. On the contrary! Do work, but start working towards simplifying your life! 

Here are 3 easy steps to get you started with the basic, cleaning up and creating space:

#1: Start by doing what I call a maha cleanse (a great cleanse). First, clothes, and then all the other stuff that is just too much, in other words those that you just don’t want or haven’t use in a really long time!

#2: Commit for a while to only buying what is needed (food and water included).

#3: Enjoy the space, feel how your body wants to breath deeper and your mind wants to start contemplating the space around you? mmmm…so lovely!

Let’s face it! The less we have, the more space and time we create in our lives to actually ENJOY nature, family and dear loved ones. This are simple acts that feed the spirit and make us feel satisfied and happy!

So come on, lets clean up all that is keeping us from finding time to enjoy a soulful-simple-life. 

In the comments below, share with us what area of your space (or life) are you planning on starting with the cleaning and clearing process?  

Happy cleaning!

with love,


5 Things I'm Glad I Learned Before Becoming A Mother

Photo by Allison Egan Datwani.

Photo by Allison Egan Datwani.

I like to do things with love, putting out there the best of my abilities.

Yet for our best to flourish, we also need the right amount of sincere knowledge to be delivered to us at the right time. I'm grateful I was guided into this knowledge even before I learned I was becoming a mother! 

I felt it was my place to pay-it-forward to all mothers-to-be who are also in search of a better way! 

First of all, know that this are not practices on how to make your child smarter or more disciplined (although they may help!). They are not tips on how to make your life any easier (maybe in the near future). These practices are hard, but they definitely pay off after a while. These practices are about respecting nature's way...

If you recycle, in a way it's because you care for mother nature,

If you plant trees, it's also in a way because you care for mother nature.

Then why not let mother nature take its own course, and take care of us?


This is my philosophy...

If mother nature designed it, why not honor this gift by just trusting its design in the first place. Yes! By keeping our false ego away from the equation, and not let it mess up the whole natural constitution of things. Sometimes the best thing is to let go and let creation do its magic, one to be revealed in the birth and growth of this specific little being coming to our world. It's so magical when we just let mother nature exhibit its beauty and don't let our human controlling tendencies get in the way!

When you become a mother (if you ever do), you will be given a big assignment prescribed by the Lord him/herself. Why not do this service with an open heart? Becoming vulnerable to whatever it may bring, opening up and willingly experience all of the pain and contentment, all of the feelings of sadness and happiness, all the moments where you'll be needed and those where you'll be rejected.  There is so much more that one can learn as a parent when we become vulnerable to the experience as a whole, one designed by nature and needed to lived out by you! 

To all mothers-to-be and loving mothers out there! These are 5 things I'm glad I did as a mother, and hope you can learn from and share them too! 



Birth is a moment that should be respected and honored for the mother and the child to come. This was my wish! And as my husband and I watched the documentary "The Business of Being Born" and figured that the hospital's priority wouldn't line up with mine.

My options were a birth center or a home birth. I went with home birth along with two wonderful and experienced midwives and an amazing doula who where there for me and respected my 36 hours of contractions after my 41st day had passed (which in a hospital they would have induced me). Also, a whole hour of labor (in which case a hospital would have decided to do a c-section, which is completely unnatural and my last resource!). I gotta give it to you, going drug-free for so many hours is really challenging, but not once did I think I wasn't gonna be able to do it.

Today, I feel so much stronger and grounded as a mother thanks to that overall birthing experience. I would say a home birth prepares you for motherhood, and natural birth awards you with better bonding with your child.


#2: forty Days of Postpartum Seclusion

In Ayurveda, a practice originally from India, it is recommended that a mother and her newborn stay home for the first 40 days after birth (roughly 6 weeks!). It is a time for rest after labor and adjustment for each member of the family!

It may sound new to our society but it's an old practice that really makes sense, and I'm glad I did it! Maternity leave is not a vacation; it's a process of adapting to this new life with this new little person. It was a tough process—especially during the last week— but it really helped me as a mother to open up to the process and my new responsibility. I was able to get all the well-deserved rest I needed while keeping my newborn in a safe space (the same one she was born in!), and keeping her physically and spiritually protected. This process helped me adapt to my new circumstances and it created a very strong bond with my child.  To learn more about this, CLICK HERE


#3: Breastfeeding

This one is a must (if your body lets you do it)! 

I'm glad more people have become aware of the importance of breastfeeding. I really think the formula is an overused source (even using another mother's milk sounds like a better option!).  I know breastfeeding may seem hard at first, and if you work full-time it can get even trickier, but by persistence anything can be achieved.

I struggled a lot at the beginning! My daughter was born with tension in her jaw and it didn't let her open up her mouth enough. She would end up biting me instead of sucking. Yeah! It was very painful, but I stuck to it, taking necessary measures to deal with the situation. In the end, I prevailed.

Breast milk is the best option! It has all the nutrients and adapts to the baby's needs. I call it the golden nectar cause it feeds the baby, while strengthening her immune system and keeping her healthier and stronger today and in the future. By the way, CLICK HERE to view this website who was my best friend in a moment of need.


#4: Elimination Communication (EC)

Who said babies love diapers? They sure weren't born with them!

EC is more of a European practice, but I definitely think it should be a worldwide practice! This practice is about potty training your baby. And you can start whenever you choose! I started the first day my baby was born with the first phase (the cuing process), and by the time she was 3 months old she was already potty-trained. Yes! We still use cloth diapers (free of poop cleaning!) and we will keep using them until she can walk herself to the potty!

I see so many parents training their babies after they are born to pee and poop in diapers, and once they get used to them, then they have to re-train them to actually learn to use the potty. Why not train them to where to do pee and poop from the beginning?

EC is a process of learning to" read" your baby and freeing yourself from buying or constantly cleaning diapers! If you are interested in learning more, I recommend reading this book, Diaper Free Baby, and CLICK HERE to checkout this website, they both really helped me in the process!


#5: Be available for my baby 

I've complemented Attachment Parenting, REI methods and other practices to my parenting style. From each I've learned that babies know best!  Why letting them cry out to sleep while we break their trust in us? Why not take moments to pay full attention, especially when they ask for it?

I simply just don't get it! Why adults have to force themselves into children and minimize their needs and growing process! We talk about love, yet, how do we manage to express it? Instead of expressing love by selflessly serving and sharing with our kids, we express our "love" with manipulation and force. The more love I give my child, the more I fall in love with her!

I see myself as a channel to help raise and guide this being and assist her in reaching her fullest potential at her own time. I don't feel it's my place to push her to always do as I want, or even ignore her and try to control her natural process. I chose to become a full-time mom because, for me, raising my child and being available for her is more important than my own professional or economic accomplishments.

This experience of being completely open and available for my daughter has deepened our connection and sympathy. I've saved a time in my day to simply be available for her, free of phones and distractions. I take this time to just enjoy her, play with her, observe her and even laugh with her. These moments of the day have built a great amount of precious memories that I will carry within me for a lifetime! If you are interested about learning more on this subject, I recommend starting with The Baby Book by Dr. Sears.

Being a mother is a job many take for granted. It can be a really tough task that many women choose to run away from (even once they are mothers!). But if we give ourselves the chance to do this service wholeheartedly, filled with love and knowledge, I gotta tell you, it can be very satisfying and precious at the end of the line.

Just open your heart and get ready to grow and learn from every joyful and painful experience on the path of motherhood. Keep loving!


with love, 


PS Special thanks to Kala Estrella for delivering all this knowledge at perfect timing! Me and my daughter are forever grateful to your kindness.

PPS Loved it? Share it with a special friend or mother-to-be! 

The Diet That Saved My Life (and why you should also try it!)

Hiya Soulmate,

Today I've got cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and many other birds all around me!

I find myself at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary at High Falls, New York. This place saves these wonderful beings from slaughterhouses! They keep them free and they are taken care of for the sole purpose of being loved and keeping us in good company. 

As I see their gentle way of interacting and sharing with each other (and humans), I asked myself: when did we ever decide these beings where our righteous property to be treated with violence? When did we stop seeing them as worthy of being happy, having a family and living free, sacrificing all for the purpose of our own sense gratification?

I still remember the day I decided I wanted to stop eating animals!

It was a one day decision. Why? Because it just hit me! Who the hell do I think I am hurting and eating other gentle beings? Either I love them or I eat them. But I can't have both on the same plate!! If we want to live happy lives we must surrender to love by letting other sentient living beings be happy and loved. 

Many friends in my past have always told me: "Oh Rita, but I'm not the one killing them I just eat them!"

My answer to that is: "Well! You sure are helping to pay someone else to commit the act of violence for your own sense gratification. How coward and selfish is that?!" 

Cultures, songs and businesses have been built and established around this violent act. But I've discovered this diet which is aligned with my loving philosophy, makes me happier and peaceful while keeping me healthier on the way!

I would call it the spanking-radiant-soulfully-compationate lifestyle diet! Is a vegetarian diet that focuses on creating the least amount of pain possible to others and to your body ('cause, believe it or not, there are some vegetarian diets that are preeetty unhealthy!). Is simple! Just remember this four points:

#1: Eat organic fruits in the morning and organic veggies all day, everyday.

#2: Always complement your meals with soaked plant-protein (soaked gives them a nutritional kick!). Some plan-proteins include nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, lentils, chickpeas and tempeh (fermented soy).  

#3: Eat your greens and sprouts with every meal! Choose from arugula, alfalfa, sprouted sunflowers and wheat grass, among others. 

#4: Always eat your sweets free of sugar, meaning sweetened with stevia, fructose or maple syrup. 

For recipe ideas, check out Chef Govinda's Soul Food recipes. They are a great start to get you light up and running!

Have in mind: this is how this diet will save your life (spiritually speaking)...

Eating animals is not only cruel to your body and other beings, but these acts will also be saved into your spiritual karma recorder. Remember, not because you didn't actually took part of the act of killing doesn't mean that you are free from the explosive karma effect resulting of that violent act. All the hate, fear and violence will unavoidably come back!

So if you want to eventually find happiness, let fellow animal friends be happy to.

Purify your diet will purify your body and life. 

Unlike plants, animals feel emotions just like you and me. They know when they will be killed, they fear death like you and me; they scream and cry when they are about to be killed. 

Mahatma Gandhi once said: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." (So true!!!) 

Don't limit your love and compassion for animals to your pets See beyond whats on your face and observe the repercussion of your actions by a simple act of eating. You want love, peace and happiness to flourish in the world, start by creating those actions in your own life and in your own plate! 

with love,


PS If you have the guts, click here to watch this video!

My Greatest Life's Discovery (thanks to my passion for singing!)

I had a pretty tough life as a kid, yet I don't regret any of it! I have no regrets of all my life experiences (good and "bad"). Each one pushed me into discovering and embracing the path of finding my real purpose in life!

One of the most striking and significant experiences that brought me to this place was when I was about 5 years old. It was the day I told my family for the first time that I wanted to be a singer when I grew older! Their reaction was priceless (and not in a good way!). At first they started laughing as they made fun of my confession! Then one of my brothers asked me an enlightening question: "oh really and how do you plan to do that if you barely can't hit a note?" At that moment, he was right. I wasn't much of a singer and much less a good one! But that didn't turn out to be a good reason to kill my dream. Yet I took it as a chance to prove them wrong and started building my dream from square one. 

Music, dancing and singing (or trying to learn how to sing) became my hobby and my "soother". It was the only way I knew how to cope with my life on a daily basis. It made me look towards my future with inspiration and joy. With time and lots of daily practice, the impossible was achieved: I became a singer (and I might add a pretty good one!). It was through my passion for music, dancing and singing that I had my greatest discovery: my real calling in this life.

Music that I cracked my heart open and I found deep healing and surrender for the Lord himself; Lord Bhagavan, Krishna, Buddha (or whatever name strikes your tastes buds!). 

Have you ever heard the saying: "Music is the language of the heart." Well, it sure can be, especially if its vibration is designed to strike your heart open and wake up your sleepy soul.

Do you love a good celebration? Yes, especially when it includes good music, dancing and food! Well, I guess it's because that the place where we ALL originally come from is a celebration, eternal happiness and joy (or at least the Vedic scriptures describe it as such). In this place, people sing as they talk and dance as they walk (kind of like a Broadway show but so much more fun!).

Wouldn't you like to find yourself in a place like that? Well, I sure would love that but first there is this one basic thing we must do first to get there...WE MUST EARN IT! So just in case you were wondering, you won't earn it just by dying. If you die you simply change bodies. But this lifetime is your chance to earn an entrance ticket.

Have in mind, this Is not a cheap place to get in. Money nor treasure will buy you access to these planets. You know what will? Music, dancing, singing and serving the Lord.

All that you do, offer it up to the Lord with love and devotion. That's it. That's your ticket!

Is pretty simple (yet it may seem complicated for those of us who choose to live complicated lives). God wants us to want him, just like we like to be wanted, loved and cared for by others. Well, the Lord feels the same way. The Lord wants us to establish a relationship with him / he because, you know what? He's got feeling too! The only basic way to establish this relationship is by constantly reminding ourselves of His existence. It's like when we fall in love for a boy/girl; do you still remember how it felt? you just can't stop thinking about that person. Well, the same goes for the Lord! 

I turned my passion for singing into a service for the Lord. In the past I sang in many talent shows and choirs, but my greatest achievement was recording my first album dedicating each song to the soul purpose of finding a meaning and establishing a loving relationship with the Lord. (if you are curious to listen to my album "rebirth.renacer" please CLICK HERE to listen)

You can do it too! (I don't mean an album. I mean doing what you love in service to the Lord!)

Don't you see? We are created by the Lord, and we are parts and parcel of the Lord. Our real calling in this life is working hard to serve and establish a relationship with the Lord. That will buy us our ticket back to Godhead. 

So let's start to fall in love with the Highest Truth. Let's start following the real goal of life and let's start living like we mean it by offering everything we do to the Lord him/herself. No matter what you do, just do it (with selfless love!)

with love,


The One Thing We Need (and never get enough of!)

Hello Sweet Soul!

Let me share a story of a very kind man, and he himself taught me this one! 

When this man was only a boy his father was very abusive to him and his sisters. This father liked prioritizing drugs, ambition for fame and money over his family's needs and quality of life. As this boy grew to be a man, he surrounded himself with people like his father, "friends" that also got him involved in drugs, alcohol and stealing. They were addicted to this easy-dangerous way of living and between the father and the friends, this kind man ended up on a path he didn't belong to in the first place!

Later in life, karma took care of him and his broken life. He decided to escape the easy-dangerous path by surrounding himself with wise and spiritual men. This kind-wise men inspired him to leave his past's tendencies behind him and study to become wise and spiritually oriented type of person. They shared spiritual knowledge, stories and good company with him.

Now he is the highly-kind-spiritual-wise man who taught me a lesson, and I'm sharing it with you today: The ONE thing we all need (and never get enough of!) is SATSANG, good company.

Satsang (sat=truth; anga=company or limb) means to surround yourself with the "highest truth", either a spiritual teacher or spiritual friends who listen, talk and assimilate that truth. 

And the more good company we surround ourselves with, the better and stronger each member becomes. It's like a stem: one on its own is easy to break, but a group of them is quite hard!

Parents and friends are part of that sanga...

We don't get to choose our parents, since our lovely karma does it for us! Yet we do get to choose our friends, partners and the people we surround ourselves with!

Even if we get the "awesome-type" of parents and we are really good and ethical people, if we want to achieve the highest truth, we must surround ourselves by those who are on the same path (or even better: those rare beings who have achieved it!)

There is an old saying from where I come from, and it goes "Dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres". (Translation: Tell me who's with you, and I'll tell you who you are.) In other words, crappy people will lead you to a crappy life; wise people will lead you to a wiser life.

So if your goal is to succeed in achieving a soulful-wholesome kind of life, stop trying to figure out what more could you do for yourself, but what your friends and environment are contributing to Inspire your own path and success.

If that environment is not providing support for your goal, then there is some re-evaluation and long (or short) term smart planning you may want to do to get out of that trap. Then you will achieve the ONE THING we all need and never get enough of!

Your life is in your hands, choose wisely my dear one! 

with love,


A Letter To My Dear Companion

Dear Lady Illusion,

I cannot even explain how grateful I am for all your charm and beauty! All the wonderful friends, family, movies, the traveling, even my party days and of course the bad times that have taught me lessons that have brought me to my present stage. Oh! so many wonderful-terrible times and memories I have recorded thanks to you!

Yet I have some old news for you (and pretty new for me). I've learned that all of you, the world, the universe, the memories, nature, and all of creation are part of your illusion!  All of it is a veil, a dream, it's not real!!! Ooh, I was disheartened by this news, Lady Illusion!

I also read that you are full of duality; you gather beauty and repulsiveness in you; you gather enjoyment and suffering in you, and you gather many friendships, enemies and loneliness. Yet, there is this one thing you constantly provide, and is your quality of CHANGE.

You give us happiness and you take it away, you give us love and you take it away -and just when we thought things were going well, you change it in an instant and take it away. Why? Why? Why do you take the good times away? Why can't it always be good and beautiful? And where are you taking it anyway?

I understand that this is your loving service to the Lord: "To provide an illusion for all us beings in this realm (and even the wise men or smartest scientist must be bewildered by you!)". Your service includes providing experiences and relationships that would take us deeper into you and make us so blind that we believe it's all true and real!

Yet also that will eventually enable many of us to the understanding that you don't posses real-eternal happiness and we must make an effort to discover the Absolute Truth, who is the Lord himself, who also hides right behind your deep Illusion.

I also read that in the heart of each living being (including dogs, cats, fishes, chickens and cows) a part and parcel of the Lord lies in there, right next to each living Soul. And from many homo sapiens only a few will be able to achieve liberation from your good-looking-jail and be delivered back to Godhead, to eternal happiness and truth.

So many people who have learned about you have decided to take matters in their own hands! And many have become yogis who practice penance to escape your illusion and realize the Self. Others have become Buddhists and meditators who practice meditation to also realize the Self. And many religions and wars have been created trying to "satisfy" the Lord.

Yet those techniques fall short in achieving eternal liberation, since that can only be delivered by the Lord himself and his direct order to you to liberate a Soul from your illusion. And the only way a living being can enact this order to be delivered from the Lord is by offering his/her PURE LOVE within every action. Through acts of kindness, humility and tolerance to all beings, all while constantly meditating in the Lord himself developing and nourishing a loving relationship with the Supreme Truth, the Origin of Love and the source of Liberation from all suffering, Bhagavan! 

I know I am not ready for that kind of liberation just yet, but it is my deepest desire to escape your veil and achieve the Lords' abode through my loving service. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your lovely service but I feel tired, I really do. I feel too old for this (although I may only look 30 years in this body). I will keep spreading the word, keep purifying my love, keep building my tolerance and keep breathing into my humility. And hopefully before I leave this body, I will be a step closer from escaping this material dream once and for all.

Wish me luck! (and I know I'm no position to ask you this) but please lead me to Godhead. I just beg you for a few breadcrumbs. And also help those reading this letter, because deep inside they also want to be lead to the Eternal Truth.

With love,