Caring For The Mothers


Lila and I

I am writing from my bed, with my dear daughter Lila breastfeeding right on top of me. I became a mother just 3 months ago, and wow!

What a life-changing experience this has been for me: from the sweet-yet simple moments to the I-really-need-a-break moments, I am full of gratitude, for both have their built-in lessons.

One of my greatest discoveries on this journey was connecting with a new kind of love (it may sound cheesy, but it’s true!) It’s not the kind of love they sell on billboards or glossy magazines, but a simple and pure love that can easily be tolerant, playful, humble, and doesn’t ask for anything in return. During my first Mother’s Day, I was reminded of the many mothers that this world provides us, based on the Vedas, the ancient yogic spiritual scriptures. I will tell you about two...

The first is our birth mother, the one that gives birth to us and raises us; that feeds us though her body for the first months or years of our lives (or at least that’s the way the Lord designed it). The spiritual scriptures consider the love of a birth mother for a child as the highest and purest love, since it’s nurturing,caring, tolerant,and a genuine love (in service).

It is such an honor for me to have become a mother (and maybe some mothers out there understand what I mean!)

The second mother mentioned is Mother Nature, the mother of all!! She provides the air that we breathe from the moment we are born, and when the birth mother stops breastfeeding, Mother Nature provides nourishment for the rest of our lives.

Even though us humans have abused and exploited her throughout the last centuries, she still provides, nurtures and cares for us! Any little thing we can do on a daily basis to take care of her can make a big difference! Please don’t take for granted the huge effect every little action has (and please, think beyond recycling!).

**Some personal suggestions: See if you can start composting your fruits and vegetables (if you live in an apartment try the freezer, but don’t leave it there! Take it to a composting station) Walk around with your own utensils, napkin towel and grocery bag (let’s try not to use plastic! Plastic is so toxic for you and for Pachamama!) And try to be conscious about the products you use to clean (don’t put toxic stuff on our waters! Try to find eco-friendly products but if you are low on budget my faves are baking soda and vinegar, they are really good and free of harm!)

So, if we want to achieve “liberation from suffering”, all human beings should develop lobha, a great desire for serving and loving the Lord. And “only through the mother we can get to the father”. So care for your mothers just like they care for each of us! Hey, you don’t need to become a mother to experiment pure love, but we do need to become pure loving beings to find happiness. Mothers just lead by example…

Keep loving! 


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