How to live a Soulful Life?

Let’s play a little trivia before we begin. I will ask the question aaand, yes, I’ll also give you the answer…

What does a soulful life mean? The dictionary defines soulful as “of or relating to deep feeling or emotion”. But, wait, where does deep begin? Hey! The word says it! SOUL-FUL: from the soul. But then again: how do I live a life that is deep or soulful? Well, that’s a good question!

To live deeply, is to live with meaning, and for that we first need to understand why are we even here in the first place; what is our meaning in this material body?

Fame, money, sex, beauty… all that pertains to the material world. The soul doesn’t feel satisfied by generating success in those areas. Why do you think there is so much suffering in the world? Hello! CAUSE PEOPLE ARE WASTING THERE TIME SATISFYING THAT WHICH THEY ARE NOT!

We want to find happiness by trying to satisfy our material senses. But the irony is, material satisfaction doesn’t satisfy the soul! Don’t forget that we are not the body we are the soul, the soul gives life to this body and only by satisfying the soul we can lead happier lives. 

The question is: what gives satisfaction to the soul? Tic toc tic toc…PURE LOVE! That’s right! Isn’t that easy? NOT!  Is simple yet hard to achieve for us the complicated ones! 

Pure love is about loving everyone, and when I mean “everyone”, I mean all the expansiveness of the Lord, and that includes:

a.    all HUMANS, no matter how annoying and nerve-wracking some of them can sometimes be. Even those you barely know (and love to get on the way by pushing your buttons!)

b.    all ANIMALS, and that means not abusing animals, not eating animals and even less, paying for someone else to do the killing for you! …aaaand

c.     all PLANTS (& all living entities). Holy yeah! Plants are alive too, or don’t you see how they live their yearly cycle? If they were dead they wouldn’t even flourish in the spring! That doesn’t mean going out and hugging every tree (although I’m sure they would like you to give them a little hug) but it’s about loving nature, and showing respect for this resources that are essential in this living cycle we are part off.

There are two kinds of LOVE:

#1: Selfish love: the one that is based on loving and serving others yet expecting something in return (sometimes money, sometimes a favor)! You could say this is a loving person, but I would call him/her a fishy lover!

#2: Selfless love: this is where PURE LOVE headquarters is based on, is that one that serves with love and devotion. Yet is self-less, is not expecting anything for themselves, just wants to serve without any expectation.

This life was designed to LOVE; not for fame, not to have lots of money, not to even enjoy it 100% of the time (so stop trying!). Again, it’s about LOVE. All of life was designed to give us different experiences of love through our relationships: from the moment we come in to this world it’s about loving our parents, then loving our friends (and “enemies” too), then loving our partner and loving our child (or children), even loving and serving animals and plants around us.

If we walk through life being given all of these opportunities to love, and yet we take them for granted, I can assure that life will lack soulfulness.

On the contrary, if we come to this world, hoping to leave it better than how it was before us by living a soulful-deep-meaningful life, we must turn to PURE LOVE: free ourselves from anger, free ourselves from expectation and fill our beings with loving service towards all living souls around us.

By serving others we serve our soul, by serving our soul we achieve soulful lives (and that’s were real happiness can be found!)

Live Soulfully, Rita 

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