My Biggest Lesson Learned...

I'm writing to you while lying on my bed with a flu, asking myself how the holiness did I end up here eating so much goodness? —and while reflecting on the biggest lesson I have ever learned! 

Just to give you an idea on how I came to learn this...

I'm one of those who have done a lot within a very small time frame. In my 20s, I thought I could learn it all while trying to be best at each. I went from studying Sound Engineering and Entertainment Business to becoming a Jivamukti Yoga teacher while studying Interior Design and managing a Yoga Studio.

But, behind-the-scenes of my busy life, my body was decaying fast. Many symptoms where starting to show up in my skin but I pretty much ignored them and tried to eat healthy (or the best that I could).

But yet I continued working like crazy and went from sales rep, business manager, yoga teacher, interior design consultant to sound engineer assistant, graphic designer, commercial singer and kirtan junkie (with a band, that, by the way, ended up recording my first album!). You get the idea! I liked my busy life! I enjoyed my chaos! And (ssshhhh), I even enjoyed bragging about it!

Until last year, when big news forced things into perspective. Just as I turned 29 years, I was diagnosed with Sclerodherma and Lupus Skin Disorder (in other words: Freaking-relax-girl-your-body-is-in-overload-of-stress-and-it's-killing-you Disorder!).

I had to learn with a hard hand what I didn't want to learn with a soft one. And this is what I learned...


That's right! When we SIMPLIFY we create space to actually enjoy life itself, free of stress, free of interest, free of speed and free of complexity!

Don't get me wrong; sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive, but once the survival line has been reached...what are you doing for your-Self on a daily basis? Yes! Daily! Cause who knows if you'll even make it to your next vacation?

There is a saying by a great master: "Simple living, higher thinking"

He means directing all our thoughts to the real goal of life, which is liberation from suffering. That is higher thinking!

Do you want to be happy? Of course you do! Why do you think you eat, breathe, poop and pee? By keeping a balance of all of those you can feel happy in this physical body, or else, you are going to suffer. But wait, what about the mind? What keeps the mind happy? Higher thinking! 

The way society has been designed is you get established and find "joy" thru MONEY and sense gratification.  Yet we will NEVER find real joy if we don't turn to the real Source of that joy and dedicate time to that relationship.

Spiritual practice creates a SOULFUL LIFE, a practice that includes prayer, chanting, meditation, observing nature and/or reading the scriptures. Eventually that same practice can easily expand to your daily life, making every action an offering to the Lord, living and breathing a loving service. 

Want an ideal life? Simplify! Make space in your life to create a relationship with the Lord (the Supreme Truth, the Divine, Krishna, Buddha, God, or whomever rocks your boat!) Turn those let's-do-something-stressful moments to let's-have-some-free-time-for-spiritual-practice moments. 

I'm on it! Hope you are too! Let me know how you are planning to make it happen on the comments below!


Working on living simple,