The Meeting of a Lifetime

in the picture: my grandmother and daughter!

in the picture: my grandmother and daughter!

Why can't we stop time? That was my question!

Last week I visited Puerto Rico with my daughter Lila for the first time. And from all those enjoyable moments that we had, one stood out, and it will never leave my heart. It was the moment my grandmother (85 years old) and my daughter (3 months old) met for the first time! It was one of those moments you wish you could stop time. Any description of it would not do it justice.

The connection was like friends who haven't seeing each other for a really long time.

No words were needed for the loving conversation. Smiles and laughter sparked the love and joyful exchange.

A simple moment came along with a great teaching...

We are not from this world. There is a time and there is a place were we have met, shared, loved and which we belong to. 

Our soul, our subtle body is a traveller navigating different bodies and discovering different places to live and re-meet.

My big question now is: why them? One departs her body and the other has just landed in a new one. 

The moment (and the scriptures) taught me this simple answer...

They are two points in this life where we are more spiritually inclined: the first one is when we just land on the planet with a new body. Our senses are naïve, and are simply attracted to satisfying bodily needs, just like my daughter's current stage.

The second one is when we are getting ready to depart from this planet, and our body doesn't let us or doesn't even want to enjoy anything beyond our bodily needs. Like my grandmother's current stage.

In those two stages of life, we are prone to a deeper connection with our spiritual Self. Living beings at this point of life enjoy the simplicity of it! They are great teachers!

But what happens to the rest of our lifetime? Well, if you look to the young and adult people around us, do you notice where there minds are? They are looking for enjoyment but their enjoyment is based on material satisfaction, MONEY, SEX & POWER. Looking to satisfy a body and mind they are not, within a world that is constantly changing.  

At this stage of life we are doomed to find boredom, discontentment, hopelessness, envy, frustration, discomfort, resentment…and the list goes on! We act like rats looking for the best rotten cheese! Not a pleasurable race, that's for sure! 

Then there are the ones that get tired of the rat race and look for the "deeper meaning of life"; and many of those hunters find their place in the yoga system. This is why so many yoga studios are doing so well, because people everywhere are sick of this rat race! My question is: have they found an answer? 

I think, yes (in a way), they have found an easy fix to the problem. But those willing to go deeper also discover that the easy fix is not really THE SOLUTION. So they go ahead and take it a step further…they try a retreat or a teacher training, hoping that will really fix things for real. Does it work? Of course it does! for a bit and then you go back to your "old life" and your back again where you began. 

And then, they try to "change their lives" and establish themselves in a daily practice of asana and pranayamas. They become vegans. They look for ways to apply the yamas (restrictions) and niyamas (observances) from the ashtanga yoga system to their life. Or at least that's how I did it! And then you become a weird person in the material world… welcome to yogi land! It's like being a beginner fish with great passion, trying to swim against the current. Damn! That's hard. Caution! Any strong wash of water will knock you off! My question is: is it really worth it!? Hopefully it is! At least they're trying!

But then I met an easier path that works, I call it the easy-breezy-enjoyable-solution. And here it is!


That's the party and here is your invitation...

What is that HIGHER TASTE? Well, connecting with the real source of joy, THAT who will give you eternal satisfaction.

Where is that HIGHER TASTE? in LOVE…serve with love and listen to devotional music. Have you ever experienced a kirtan? If you haven't tune in! Music is the language of the heart. When we speak it our heart softens, our being becomes more loving and our soul rejoices. Do it often, do it a lot! (Kirtan is like a medicine: if you don't like it you just need more of it!)

How's that HIGHER TASTE? Well, enjoy the kirtans, read the Bhagavad Gita daily...everything you DO, do it with a loving intention and you'll discover that taste on your own!

No need to force it with a list of restrictions! You are just flowing to it naturally and meeting the solution with love, music and knowledge!


Enjoy the path!


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