Life's Biggest Mistake

What's your price?

How many times have we sold ourselves short? (I include myself in it cause I have done it many times!) We convince ourselves that "we have" to do this or that? But we have to? Or are we choosing to? 

Isn't there a great difference? We get stuck in life, compromising and doing what is expected of us, and not what calls our heart and passion! 

The day I noticed the huge amount of things I was doing for everybody else but myself, I thought, Holy Shivas! My life was about "having" to do things I didn't want to do in the first place. 

Are you doing that to your life?!'s your life, so write your own story!

If you were to write a book of your life, could you say you were satisfying your soul's desire? ...If not, I suggest you sit and start doing something about it! (Again, should you choose to do it!)

So many really great students & human beings have come to me in the past asking for advice, and many times they start... "I don't like my job, I do it for the money but my heart is not in it! What could I do?"

You know what? I've been there a few times in my life and I've been grateful to get out of those spots, and they'll sure keep coming, yet this is my comfort-recipe so I can prevail...

1/2 cup of the patience's nectar

3 tablespoons of planning (having in mind that plans are always changeable)

1/4 cup of perseverance

5 vegan eggs of bravery

Mix all of those ingredients together and you'll be on your way to starting a new chapter in your life (who knows even maybe a new book).

Ralph Waldo once said: "A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." (So use well those 5 vegan eggs of bravery!) 

For ME, the kind of person that follows their passion, faces the consequences of their decisions and do what they love as a living (even if they are not the best at it!), THEY are MY HEROS! ...but first a planned risk needs to be taken!

Many times we OURSELVES get on our way! We become our biggest obstacle to really do and follow our soul desires. And you know what? Not following your dharma could be one of your biggest mistakes in life, and this is why...

Not following your Dharma is like taking the time you have been given in this body and throw it out with the trash! 

You may be asking, what is dharma anyway? Dharma is the soul's purpose or desire, your supreme occupation, (by supreme I mean the one linked with your service to the higher self, beyond this material world).

Let's make this clear…nobody can achieve anything in this material world without putting the effort in first. But the truth is, this is not the problem. The problem is: where are we putting the effort? Are we working for the money? Or are we working for the dharma? (Again, do you HAVE to do it? Or do you CHOOSE to do it?)

Putting the effort on the MONEY (or power), brings worries, hard work with frustration, brings fear of losing what you have and at the moment of death you may even feel unsatisfied and that last thought will only bring you back right were you begun!

Putting the effort on the DHARMA will help you transcend any material worries and lead your way towards liberation from all suffering!

It's easier to serve with love when you love what you do! (even if your not the best at it). 

That's right! A little learning and a lot of practice will always make you better.

Life was designed to serve in every action, yet the supreme goal of life is not serving for personal satisfaction. Then, for what? (That would be the question, right?)

I'm gonna use this simple example I was taught once. You may understand this better… imagine a mango tree, with its roots, a trunk and the branches. If there was a drought in that land and the tree would need water, were would you pour water to keep the tree healthy? On the branches? Or on the roots?

On the roots of course! Well, we (humans) are the branches and the tree's root is the Supreme Truth (the Divine, Krishna, Buddha or whoever satisfies your taste buds). If we try to gain from the fruits of our actions through money or fame, we are wasting our time pouring water to the branches of that tree and never find satisfaction BUT when we follow our soul's desire and are able to connect with the deep essence of our loving service and offering the fruit of our actions, we are pouring the water right to the root and making the time in this body worth beyond measure.

So again, if there is anything in your life you are passionate about, follow the heart (your soul's mailman)! Cause everything else in life: money, fame, power… it's just background noise. Don't let it distract you from walking your real path.

Follow your soul's lead, and lead a soulful life!

keep loving!  -Rita

PS On the comments below, let us know what is your soul's deepest desire (your dharma) and what are you doing right now or want to do in the near future to take the steps to satisfy it?