Do you know how old YOU are?

Do you know how old you are? Yeah, you! Not you the material body, I MEAN YOU! The real YOU, the one that gives life to this body, that gives pulse to the heart and travels in every breath. YOU the soul, YOU the spirit, YOU??? (however you want to call it!). 

So, how old do you think YOU are? YOU are ageless, immutable, indestructible, eternal, were never born and will never die. You can't even put an age to that! YOU and every other soul in this world is the same, ageless! 

So maybe you don't believe in reincarnation. I can understand, our memory is limited to this body and if you can't see it, you can't believe in it (oh men! you're missing out so much!). So this is what we see: this body is born and then we live, we live a little more, we get old (by the minute) and then one day, hopefully, we'll die. 

But really do think this is it? This life? This limited amount of time in this little limited imperfect body? Do you really cut yourself that short?

We are all particles of the expansive energy of the Supreme Truth, that which is eternal and always present. WE, the real us, are not limited to time or space (meaning birth, death and this body!). 

So this is like a temporary little-kind of cute-jail (doesn't it feel like that sometimes?) You wanna fly but you can't; you wanna walk over water but you can barely float; you wanna travel to France in one second, but, well you know the process, not possible in this body at this time…you see, limited. We should classify ourselves: MADE BY NATURE AND LIMITED BY NATURE.

Don't worry, the real you is not limited by anything. On the contrary, it's UNLIMITED 'cause it's made by the UNLIMITED SUPREME LORD (just in case nature was done by the Lord too). Hey! But don't get arrogant by all this amazingness that YOU are! 

So the one million dollar question is…. WHAT THE HECK ARE WE DOING HERE? Great question! The answer given by the masters is: we wanted to come here! Yeap! We were so naive that we thought this natural world so beautiful and attractive could bring us "satisfaction".

And then we came into it and we started creating something called KARMA, that guy that has us on a crazy wheel of life and death (also called samsara in sanskrit).

The last question is….HOW CAN WE GET OUT OF THIS CRAZY-NOT-SO-FUN WHEEL? Weeeell, that's a tricky one. You remembered that guy called Karma right? You kind of have to get rid of him to actually be able to escape the wheel. And he is like a limpet, been constructed by your good and not-so-good-activities. By now, he likes you sooo much he won't leave unless you do this: get rid of every action, literally! Don't get attached to the results of the actions but offer them to the LORD him/herself!

You know how you did something good and you felt good about it? Well, that good feeling is getting attached to the action; and when you do that, you create K-A-R-M-A…and the same happens when you do something bad or you omit an action…whatever, you name it, if you make it yours is gonna cling to you and it's gonna come back! (but just forget about it for now!)

Just offer it with love and devotion!

Even if you feel good just mentally remind yourself, I am able to do this because I was given the skills and the opportunity by someone greater to actually be able to get it done, it is my job to do it but is not my fruit to enjoy first but second, first you offer then you enjoy it! So easy just practice it! and Mr. Karma will get off your back one day for good!

Yihaaa!!! I'm on it, I hope you are too... I offer this blog to you my Lord

Tell us! How can you adapt this practice to your life? I like to meditate on my image of the Lord while doing it and then make a short prayer, what about you?

with love, Rita