A Letter To My Dear Companion

Dear Lady Illusion,

I cannot even explain how grateful I am for all your charm and beauty! All the wonderful friends, family, movies, the traveling, even my party days and of course the bad times that have taught me lessons that have brought me to my present stage. Oh! so many wonderful-terrible times and memories I have recorded thanks to you!

Yet I have some old news for you (and pretty new for me). I've learned that all of you, the world, the universe, the memories, nature, and all of creation are part of your illusion!  All of it is a veil, a dream, it's not real!!! Ooh, I was disheartened by this news, Lady Illusion!

I also read that you are full of duality; you gather beauty and repulsiveness in you; you gather enjoyment and suffering in you, and you gather many friendships, enemies and loneliness. Yet, there is this one thing you constantly provide, and is your quality of CHANGE.

You give us happiness and you take it away, you give us love and you take it away -and just when we thought things were going well, you change it in an instant and take it away. Why? Why? Why do you take the good times away? Why can't it always be good and beautiful? And where are you taking it anyway?

I understand that this is your loving service to the Lord: "To provide an illusion for all us beings in this realm (and even the wise men or smartest scientist must be bewildered by you!)". Your service includes providing experiences and relationships that would take us deeper into you and make us so blind that we believe it's all true and real!

Yet also that will eventually enable many of us to the understanding that you don't posses real-eternal happiness and we must make an effort to discover the Absolute Truth, who is the Lord himself, who also hides right behind your deep Illusion.

I also read that in the heart of each living being (including dogs, cats, fishes, chickens and cows) a part and parcel of the Lord lies in there, right next to each living Soul. And from many homo sapiens only a few will be able to achieve liberation from your good-looking-jail and be delivered back to Godhead, to eternal happiness and truth.

So many people who have learned about you have decided to take matters in their own hands! And many have become yogis who practice penance to escape your illusion and realize the Self. Others have become Buddhists and meditators who practice meditation to also realize the Self. And many religions and wars have been created trying to "satisfy" the Lord.

Yet those techniques fall short in achieving eternal liberation, since that can only be delivered by the Lord himself and his direct order to you to liberate a Soul from your illusion. And the only way a living being can enact this order to be delivered from the Lord is by offering his/her PURE LOVE within every action. Through acts of kindness, humility and tolerance to all beings, all while constantly meditating in the Lord himself developing and nourishing a loving relationship with the Supreme Truth, the Origin of Love and the source of Liberation from all suffering, Bhagavan! 

I know I am not ready for that kind of liberation just yet, but it is my deepest desire to escape your veil and achieve the Lords' abode through my loving service. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate your lovely service but I feel tired, I really do. I feel too old for this (although I may only look 30 years in this body). I will keep spreading the word, keep purifying my love, keep building my tolerance and keep breathing into my humility. And hopefully before I leave this body, I will be a step closer from escaping this material dream once and for all.

Wish me luck! (and I know I'm no position to ask you this) but please lead me to Godhead. I just beg you for a few breadcrumbs. And also help those reading this letter, because deep inside they also want to be lead to the Eternal Truth.

With love,