The One Thing We Need (and never get enough of!)

Hello Sweet Soul!

Let me share a story of a very kind man, and he himself taught me this one! 

When this man was only a boy his father was very abusive to him and his sisters. This father liked prioritizing drugs, ambition for fame and money over his family's needs and quality of life. As this boy grew to be a man, he surrounded himself with people like his father, "friends" that also got him involved in drugs, alcohol and stealing. They were addicted to this easy-dangerous way of living and between the father and the friends, this kind man ended up on a path he didn't belong to in the first place!

Later in life, karma took care of him and his broken life. He decided to escape the easy-dangerous path by surrounding himself with wise and spiritual men. This kind-wise men inspired him to leave his past's tendencies behind him and study to become wise and spiritually oriented type of person. They shared spiritual knowledge, stories and good company with him.

Now he is the highly-kind-spiritual-wise man who taught me a lesson, and I'm sharing it with you today: The ONE thing we all need (and never get enough of!) is SATSANG, good company.

Satsang (sat=truth; anga=company or limb) means to surround yourself with the "highest truth", either a spiritual teacher or spiritual friends who listen, talk and assimilate that truth. 

And the more good company we surround ourselves with, the better and stronger each member becomes. It's like a stem: one on its own is easy to break, but a group of them is quite hard!

Parents and friends are part of that sanga...

We don't get to choose our parents, since our lovely karma does it for us! Yet we do get to choose our friends, partners and the people we surround ourselves with!

Even if we get the "awesome-type" of parents and we are really good and ethical people, if we want to achieve the highest truth, we must surround ourselves by those who are on the same path (or even better: those rare beings who have achieved it!)

There is an old saying from where I come from, and it goes "Dime con quien andas, y te diré quien eres". (Translation: Tell me who's with you, and I'll tell you who you are.) In other words, crappy people will lead you to a crappy life; wise people will lead you to a wiser life.

So if your goal is to succeed in achieving a soulful-wholesome kind of life, stop trying to figure out what more could you do for yourself, but what your friends and environment are contributing to Inspire your own path and success.

If that environment is not providing support for your goal, then there is some re-evaluation and long (or short) term smart planning you may want to do to get out of that trap. Then you will achieve the ONE THING we all need and never get enough of!

Your life is in your hands, choose wisely my dear one! 

with love,