My Greatest Life's Discovery (thanks to my passion for singing!)

I had a pretty tough life as a kid, yet I don't regret any of it! I have no regrets of all my life experiences (good and "bad"). Each one pushed me into discovering and embracing the path of finding my real purpose in life!

One of the most striking and significant experiences that brought me to this place was when I was about 5 years old. It was the day I told my family for the first time that I wanted to be a singer when I grew older! Their reaction was priceless (and not in a good way!). At first they started laughing as they made fun of my confession! Then one of my brothers asked me an enlightening question: "oh really and how do you plan to do that if you barely can't hit a note?" At that moment, he was right. I wasn't much of a singer and much less a good one! But that didn't turn out to be a good reason to kill my dream. Yet I took it as a chance to prove them wrong and started building my dream from square one. 

Music, dancing and singing (or trying to learn how to sing) became my hobby and my "soother". It was the only way I knew how to cope with my life on a daily basis. It made me look towards my future with inspiration and joy. With time and lots of daily practice, the impossible was achieved: I became a singer (and I might add a pretty good one!). It was through my passion for music, dancing and singing that I had my greatest discovery: my real calling in this life.

Music that I cracked my heart open and I found deep healing and surrender for the Lord himself; Lord Bhagavan, Krishna, Buddha (or whatever name strikes your tastes buds!). 

Have you ever heard the saying: "Music is the language of the heart." Well, it sure can be, especially if its vibration is designed to strike your heart open and wake up your sleepy soul.

Do you love a good celebration? Yes, especially when it includes good music, dancing and food! Well, I guess it's because that the place where we ALL originally come from is a celebration, eternal happiness and joy (or at least the Vedic scriptures describe it as such). In this place, people sing as they talk and dance as they walk (kind of like a Broadway show but so much more fun!).

Wouldn't you like to find yourself in a place like that? Well, I sure would love that but first there is this one basic thing we must do first to get there...WE MUST EARN IT! So just in case you were wondering, you won't earn it just by dying. If you die you simply change bodies. But this lifetime is your chance to earn an entrance ticket.

Have in mind, this Is not a cheap place to get in. Money nor treasure will buy you access to these planets. You know what will? Music, dancing, singing and serving the Lord.

All that you do, offer it up to the Lord with love and devotion. That's it. That's your ticket!

Is pretty simple (yet it may seem complicated for those of us who choose to live complicated lives). God wants us to want him, just like we like to be wanted, loved and cared for by others. Well, the Lord feels the same way. The Lord wants us to establish a relationship with him / he because, you know what? He's got feeling too! The only basic way to establish this relationship is by constantly reminding ourselves of His existence. It's like when we fall in love for a boy/girl; do you still remember how it felt? you just can't stop thinking about that person. Well, the same goes for the Lord! 

I turned my passion for singing into a service for the Lord. In the past I sang in many talent shows and choirs, but my greatest achievement was recording my first album dedicating each song to the soul purpose of finding a meaning and establishing a loving relationship with the Lord. (if you are curious to listen to my album "rebirth.renacer" please CLICK HERE to listen)

You can do it too! (I don't mean an album. I mean doing what you love in service to the Lord!)

Don't you see? We are created by the Lord, and we are parts and parcel of the Lord. Our real calling in this life is working hard to serve and establish a relationship with the Lord. That will buy us our ticket back to Godhead. 

So let's start to fall in love with the Highest Truth. Let's start following the real goal of life and let's start living like we mean it by offering everything we do to the Lord him/herself. No matter what you do, just do it (with selfless love!)

with love,