The Diet That Saved My Life (and why you should also try it!)

Hiya Soulmate,

Today I've got cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys and many other birds all around me!

I find myself at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary at High Falls, New York. This place saves these wonderful beings from slaughterhouses! They keep them free and they are taken care of for the sole purpose of being loved and keeping us in good company. 

As I see their gentle way of interacting and sharing with each other (and humans), I asked myself: when did we ever decide these beings where our righteous property to be treated with violence? When did we stop seeing them as worthy of being happy, having a family and living free, sacrificing all for the purpose of our own sense gratification?

I still remember the day I decided I wanted to stop eating animals!

It was a one day decision. Why? Because it just hit me! Who the hell do I think I am hurting and eating other gentle beings? Either I love them or I eat them. But I can't have both on the same plate!! If we want to live happy lives we must surrender to love by letting other sentient living beings be happy and loved. 

Many friends in my past have always told me: "Oh Rita, but I'm not the one killing them I just eat them!"

My answer to that is: "Well! You sure are helping to pay someone else to commit the act of violence for your own sense gratification. How coward and selfish is that?!" 

Cultures, songs and businesses have been built and established around this violent act. But I've discovered this diet which is aligned with my loving philosophy, makes me happier and peaceful while keeping me healthier on the way!

I would call it the spanking-radiant-soulfully-compationate lifestyle diet! Is a vegetarian diet that focuses on creating the least amount of pain possible to others and to your body ('cause, believe it or not, there are some vegetarian diets that are preeetty unhealthy!). Is simple! Just remember this four points:

#1: Eat organic fruits in the morning and organic veggies all day, everyday.

#2: Always complement your meals with soaked plant-protein (soaked gives them a nutritional kick!). Some plan-proteins include nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, lentils, chickpeas and tempeh (fermented soy).  

#3: Eat your greens and sprouts with every meal! Choose from arugula, alfalfa, sprouted sunflowers and wheat grass, among others. 

#4: Always eat your sweets free of sugar, meaning sweetened with stevia, fructose or maple syrup. 

For recipe ideas, check out Chef Govinda's Soul Food recipes. They are a great start to get you light up and running!

Have in mind: this is how this diet will save your life (spiritually speaking)...

Eating animals is not only cruel to your body and other beings, but these acts will also be saved into your spiritual karma recorder. Remember, not because you didn't actually took part of the act of killing doesn't mean that you are free from the explosive karma effect resulting of that violent act. All the hate, fear and violence will unavoidably come back!

So if you want to eventually find happiness, let fellow animal friends be happy to.

Purify your diet will purify your body and life. 

Unlike plants, animals feel emotions just like you and me. They know when they will be killed, they fear death like you and me; they scream and cry when they are about to be killed. 

Mahatma Gandhi once said: "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." (So true!!!) 

Don't limit your love and compassion for animals to your pets See beyond whats on your face and observe the repercussion of your actions by a simple act of eating. You want love, peace and happiness to flourish in the world, start by creating those actions in your own life and in your own plate! 

with love,


PS If you have the guts, click here to watch this video!