My Wake-Up Call! (wise lesson learned from my last hospital visit)

The other day I met a dear student and friend who has been recently struck by cancer. Her family's life has been impacted as well. As I went to visit her at the hospital, I noticed how she was thin and weak, yet still with a peaceful and loving attitude. Her husband was also there, and he's also a student and friend, an amazing man just standing strong by her dearly beloved wife. What a beautiful thing to see, being present right there and then (no matter how hard it could be). I could see how they were just enjoying each other’s company, even when there wasn’t a lot to do but just live in the moment.

As my visit came to an end, she spoke to me softly in her gentle manner and said: “Thank you for all your teachings. It is at this very moment in life that I’ve been able to really use them and internalize all that you taught me.” (Pause)

… And then, just when I thought all my efforts had gone to waste, this woman in a hospital bed with barely any strength to move or talk just proved me wrong!

Designing, signing, dancing and yoga are a few of my many passions. Yet my greatest passion is passing a meaningful and deep-rooted teaching I’ve come to learn and understand directly to YOU.

And yet, I’m not sure if you are reading every post. I don't know if you get anything out of my writing and inspirations. Yet, I still do it because hopefully my words (some day) will be exactly what a person like you might need at a certain moment in life.

This life is “pasajera”, meaning this body is not eternal (although that doesn’t apply for the soul), but I still teach cause I was given the ability to do it. And if God gives you a talent you might as well use it for the benefit of others.

This is my service, teaching. Getting out of my own way (and problems), and just delivering a new life lesson to whomever would like to catch it and put it in good use (like my dear friend from the story).

Hope you are reading this. And I hope my words are inspiring you in some way to find your truth and purpose.

If my words are knocking on the right places, please feel free to share your experience or comments below.

See you on the path!

with love,  Rita