To My Dear Daughter...

SPECIAL EDITION: This is a love letter I wrote to my daughter for her 1st birthday... (yes, you can peek in!)

Dear Lila,

I just realized that you came into my life 365 days ago! That day, you busted open the doors of my heart and I discovered a new love experience; one that is hard to put into words.

Thank you for that! And thank you for choosing me as your mother. Thank you for making me realize that I still have a lot to learn about the world and about myself. You've become the youngest and most empowering teacher I've ever met.  

We've had a fun and challenging year, my little one! A year filled with loving-happy moments, a bunch of misunderstandings, and a million "I'm sorries." And yet here we are, with a lifetime of experiences still to come!

In the past year I've learned a few things from you:

That love is born from the selfless expression of serving. It cannot be earned by abusing it, yet it must be nurtured and cared for in each moment.

That the biggest expression of love is when we stand strong, breathe deeply, and dress up with tolerance when life gets rough.

That a long hug heals far better than words.

That it's ok to cry or laugh for no good reason; just because!

That I'm a much better mother (and person) than I ever expected. And yet there is still so much more space for me to grow and learn from.

That forgiveness is not a luxury; it's essentially what lets us surrender to love. (May we always surrender to our unconditional love and never stop forgiving each other for being imperfect.)

My commitment to you, is that instead of controlling with fear, I'll guide you with love. Instead of imposing my opinion, I'll empower yours, and let you discover that the quality of your choices will define the quality of your life.

You are priceless my dear one! May you grow to find what you came looking for in this world. May the Supreme Lord bless you with devotional service and eternal knowledge. May pure love find you wherever you are!

Happy 1st. Birthday darling!

with love,