These 3 Guys Keep Knocking Me Off Balance!

Today is one of those rainy days where you just want to cozy up on your couch and enjoy a really delightful hot chocolate. But here I am, with a spiritual practice, a child and a job to take care of. Let’s face it! I’ve got this three gunas knocking me off balance all the time! Have you met them? If not, I’m gonna take the opportunity to introduce them to you...

The gunas: modes of nature expressed in our daily lives (thoughts, words, relationships, actions, food, nature and yes! even the weather.) Somehow, getting to know them helps to cope with their influence a bit better. So, here it is, a formal presentation...

Meet Mr. Tama-Guna - He is the mode of ignorance, of mad-mad-madness, illusion, inertia and darkness (scary guy!). You can find him in the night, on a rainy day, on a lazy or crazy person, and even in dead food like meat (yuk!).

Meet Mr. Raja-Guna - He is the mode of passion, attachment, uncontrollable desire and hankering. You can find him in the afternoon, on a sunny-hot day, in a very sexual and highly-active person, or even in spicy food and onions!

Meet Mr. Sattva-Guna - He is the mode of goodness. Filled with calmness, humility, light and knowledge. You can find him on a beautiful sunrise, in a humble and tolerant human being, on live organic foods like green salads, wheat grass and nuts.

But wait...There is one more!

The goal of those leading a spiritual devotional practice is to fall into the lap of Mr. Viśuddha-Sattva, the mode of purified goodness, and the full maturity of Mr. Sattva-Guna! Is that place where there is no trace of the other qualities. In that place where pure knowledge and devotion are manifested! 

To be able to make it to Mr. Viśuddha-Sattva's village, the spiritual scriptures lay out a map whose intention is based on offering every thought, word or deed to the Supreme Lord. 

To accomplish this, devotees establish themselves in a spiritual practice that strengthens that intention, like waking up early (the sattvic hour) to chant and read the spiritual scriptures. They aim to surround themselves by sattvic (good) company during the day to feed that sattvic mentality. They prepare and eat sattvic meals by offering their food to the Supreme before consuming them (known as prasad). 

Would you like to make this YOUR lifestyle? This is where you can begin...

Start to observe…

Observe your intention behind every word, every thought and every deed. Start to move slower, eat slower, find ways to just pull yourself out of a messy and fast moving situation, and simply breathe deeply and sloooow down. When we are able to do this, then we can be conscious and clear out our intention: to OFFER EACH thought, word and action to the Lord.

That might be the most important spiritual practice you can establish within this lifetime: "Offer everything you do with love and devotion to the Supreme Lord."

You got this! 

With love, Rita