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Pinner's Conference: Worth It?

This weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Pinner's Conference. This fantastic event, which began its journey in 2017, is held in just a handful of states: Kansas, Georgia, Idaho, California, Texas, Utah, and Arizona. As a fervent enthusiast of all things crafty, artsy, fashion, and mental health and wellness, I couldn't have been more thrilled. From the moment I walked through the doors, it felt like I had finally found my tribe. The Pinner's Conference was a haven for me, a place where I felt completely at home among like-minded people who shared my passions. What made it even more special was the incredible support and camaraderie among the small business owners who poured their hearts into their craft.

Pinner's Conference Sign covered in lights and balloons

Let's dive into what this magical event had to offer. With over 500 shops at this expo, there was something for everyone. The range was mind-boggling, spanning unique clothing, a kaleidoscope of arts, beauty products, cosmetics, skincare, organization solutions, relationship tips, business support, culinary advice, and everything in between. The variety was astounding, and I could have easily spent days exploring each booth, discovering hidden treasures and gems created with love and dedication.

So I know I talked about what can be found here as far as shops, but did I mention the hands on classes? It was like the masterclass I always wanted but didn't know how to find! Over the course of the two-day event, there were more than 130 classes to choose from. The sheer number of options made it a a struggle to narrow down my options to what I could fit in one day. I had to make a spreadsheet and a pros and cons list just to get myself to choose one class over the other. In the end, I settled on six classes that I'd love to share with you.

To get a picture of what the Pinner's Conference looks like, click here to watch my TikTok.


Below you will find all the classes I explored during my 2 day experience at the Pinner's Conference.

Macrame Wreath

I had never dabbled in macrame before, but this class was an eye-opener. Macrame is all about creating intricate patterns of knots with macrame cord, resulting in elegant and beautiful creations. In this class, we used a gold ring, two bundles of cord, some greenery, and a trusty glue gun. What surprised me was how straightforward and soothing the process was, as we crafted a stunning spiral pattern. The final step was to glue the ends together, arrange the foliage, add a hanger cord, and voilà! It quickly became my favorite, a simple and mesmerizing craft that kept my hands busy without the stress of counting, like when I'm crocheting.

Macrame Wreath with greenery and shiny decorations

Resin Flower Earrings

My first experience with UV resin was a revelation. As someone who had worked with epoxy before, I had a basic idea that it dries clear and hardens. However, UV resin was a game-changer, hardening in under a minute with the help of a flashlight. Armed with a pendant, some UV resin tape, resin, and a plethora of design elements, the possibilities were endless. The crafting process was quick and the results were stunning. Dried and pressed flowers added a special touch, but I can see endless creative opportunities with UV resin.

Resin heart earrings with flowers

Hand Knit Christmas Tree Skirt

Knitting had never been my forte; I usually found myself dropping stitches or losing count. However, this class surprised me. Instead of needles, we used our fingers, and the yarn was large and chunky, making it easier to navigate. If you, like me, struggle with traditional knitting but still desire handmade creations, consider using larger yarn and finding a finger-knitting pattern.

Chunky white yarn being knit

Punch Embroidery

Punch embroidery was a new discovery for me, but I was immediately drawn to it. The concept is simple: you use monk cloth, embroidery yarn, and either stencil out a pattern or find an interesting one. An embroidery hoop keeps the cloth taut, and you start making punches through the cloth to follow the pattern. If you're into embroidery, this could be your next favorite craft. It's not only creative but also a soothing activity to keep your hands busy.

Punch Embroidery Kit

Macrame Coasters

Creating macrame coasters brought back memories of my childhood when I used to make friendship bracelets. The process is quite similar: measure out your cord, cut the pieces, tape them down, and start knotting them in a pattern. We used a comb at the end to give the edges a fluffy look, and the result was cute and functional. With a little more time and effort, this could easily turn into a stylish table runner.

Woman drinking tea off of macrame coasters

Glass Etching

Glass etching was another class I was eager to try. I had previously used glass etching cream with a Cricut stencil, but I had always wondered about etching with a machine. Surprisingly, the process was no different; the only change was the use of a machine over cream. I experimented with just one drill head this time, and I believe better results would be possible with a variety of tips. It piqued my interest in investing in the drill because there's something oddly therapeutic about chipping away at the glass.

Girl etching tree design into glass with glass etching tool


To sum it up, this was just a glimpse of the Pinner's Conference experience. With over 130 classes to choose from, each offering a unique learning opportunity, it's a treasure trove for those passionate about acquiring new skills and expressing themselves. If you share my enthusiasm for learning and creativity, I wholeheartedly recommend giving these classes a try or attending the Pinner's Conference if it comes to your area. I assure you, it's an event well worth the visit, and you'll leave with a heart full of inspiration and a head full of new skills.



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